Andre Dash Media recently developed & launched a Private Jet Charter site named Avid Jet. The site is focused on the ultra competitive Private Charter space where you can hire or rent a jet owned by another party to fly you between airports or FBO’s (Fixed Based Operations) at a fraction of the cost of owning a private aircraft.

More about Avid Jet

A Jet Charter with AVIDJET powered by JetWay can save thousands of dollars by reducing the cost of private aircraft travel.  You can “Buy when you Fly” with no up front deposits…..and enjoy premium levels of safety and service with access to convenient airports all around the globe.  An Avid Jet provides the very same aircraft and crews that all charter programs use but with No up front deposits, No long-term contracts commitments and No fuel surcharges!

Fill out our simple trip Reservation Request and let us show you how much you can save on your next safe & secure Private Aircraft Charter.

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