Building a website for the Maasia tribe in Tanzania, was a pleasure. A local resident approached us and asked us to help with her efforts to support a Bee Keeping project in the Serengeti National Park. The site gives insight to the tribes efforts to produce honey and products made from bee wax.
A little about

Maasai Honey is a beekeeping project located on the eastern border of the Serengeti National Park in the small village of Ololosokwan. With the recent cycle of droughts and the ever-expanding borders of national parks and hunting grounds, the Maasai of Ololosokwan are finding their traditional cattle herding no longer economically viable to sustain their livelihood. We hope to teach the local Maasai women how to harvest honey as a means to introduce a sustainable income generating project. The profits made through the sale of honey, candles, and lotions to the safari resorts of the Serengeti go directly back into the community to provide another child a chance at education, a family with food for the month, housing supplies, and other essential needs of these Maasai.